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BlankWords title screen shot

In BlankWords, you will have five chances to guess 5 five-letter words. For each guess, you will get twenty five seconds. You get the first letter of the word and have to fill in the rest. The result of your guess will let you know if it is in the right place or if it is in the word.

BlankWords title screen shot BlankWords title screen shot


V1.0.3 [2017-06-20]

  • You must enter valid words (no more entering AEIOU)!

V1.0.2 [2017-03-14] (BlankWords-Free only)

  • Fixes placement of info bar on game screen
  • Adjusts placement of Instructions and Settings

V1.0.1 [2017-03-02 from GDC 2017!]

  • Initial Release!

History: Java project

BlankWords title screen shot

BlankWords is a word game where you have to guess the five letter word before time runs out. Guess the word, and the letters will let you now if it is in the correct place or if the letter is in the word but not in the right position.

BlankWords screen shot 1

Screen shot of BlankWords main game screen

BlankWords screen shot 2

Another shot of BlankWords

This was created for a final project in my Java II Programming class, which required using a database to sort information of the program. So, in about a week, I whipped up this program, which uses a Microsoft Access database to keep track of all the words in the game. The database also stores information about the player, such as their real name, e-mail address, username and password. The game will also keep track of the top player scores.