This is a early preview of a work in progress of a breakout game written in ActionScript3. The goal of it was to learn ActionScript 3 and to not use the Flash IDE to make the game. None of the game uses animations or art work created in Flash. All of it is done through code with the help of some textures and some ActionScript 3 filter effects. The levels are generated from information stored in an XML file. So, after about two weeks of tinkering aroud with AS3 and FlexBuilder, this is what I came up with. There are definately some bugs and a lot of work needed, but this is just an early preview of the game. The graphics were secondary to getting some the main systems working, so only level 2 on this preview shows how the backgrounds should be more than just a bland wall and make it feel like you are playing in something other than a box. In level 4, watch out for falling rocks.

To play the game, you need to visit this page with Flash enabled.


  • Mouse Moves the paddle. Try to keep the ball in play. Black areas are bad.
  • Space or Mouse Click Releases ball
  • ESC Quits level
  • Return Pauses game

More to come: Remember, this is only a preview version. There are many more features and an editor that need to be added so check back to see what's new!