This is a game that was developed for Kenyon Hoag Life Science. The game lived inside the website, which was another Flash piece. You control the Biodefender, a microscopic ship inside a bioreactor. The goal is to protect the growing hybridoma in the center of the screen from invaiding bacteria. To arm your Biodefender, you have to touch a bacteria in order to produce an antibody that can destroy that particular bacteria. The level is complete once the hybridoma secretes antibodies.

To play the game, you need to visit this page with Flash enabled. In the meantime, here are some screenshots:


  • Up Arrow Moves biodefender forward.
  • Down Arrow Moves biodefender backwards.
  • Left Arrow Turns the biodefender to it's left
  • Right Arrow Turns the biodefender to it's right.
  • Space Fires, only if you have touched bacteria
  • Q Quits game
  • M Mute sound
  • +/= Volume Up
  • _/- Volume Down
  • Enter or Return Pause/Resume game


  • Programming - Christopher (Kossa) Pollati
  • Art - Sean Zwier
  • Concept Chirs Hoag, Christopher (Kossa) Pollati, Jason Yamauchi, Sean Zwier