Here they are. GlowIcon Style images for SAMBA Web Administrative Tools. There are two versions, one that's just the standard GlowIcons style based on icons for AmigaOS. It comes in two flavors, a plain background or with gradient backgrounds. These were originally designed for the Amiga version of SAMBA 2 and does not include the "Wizard" icon.

Preview of GlowSWAT Release 1

GlowSWAT Release 1

Size Version Date
GlowSWAT_Release1.lha 8k1.0a03-Feb-2002
GlowSWAT_Release1.lzx 8k1.0a03-Feb-2002
Preview of GlowSWAT Release 2

GlowSWAT Release 2

Size Version Date
GlowSWAT_Release2.lha 15k1.0a03-Feb-2002
GlowSWAT_Release2.lzx 15k1.0a03-Feb-2002